Friday, July 10, 2009

Pacific Ocean Sleigh Ride....Finally

18 knots of wind, clearing skies and great sailing today…more importantly, significant gains on our entire fleet with every hourly position report.  Great news and spirits are high.


We are half way through the race. It’s now less than 1200nm, before we’ll be sipping on our first Mai Tai on the docks in Honolulu.  Thus it was a perfect time for me to break out my ‘finish time contest’.  This morning I posed a series of factoids on my bulletin board. The notice read:


As of 1200 (noon) Hawaii Local time today:

Distance to finish: 1200nm

Previous 24 hour run: 300nm

Wind Forecast: 12-20 knots, 40-70 TWD, periods of squalls

Bearing to Finish: 250 degrees

Router time to finish: 4d 8h

Router distance to sail to finish: 1300nm


Everyone submitted ‘secret’ entries, until everyone had a chance to enter, then I posted the entries on the wall of the nav station.  There is plenty of consensus for a Tuesday afternoon arrival. However Bruce Nelson, Sam Heck and Brent Ruhne picked times on Monday.  While everyone is excited about winning the bottle of rum that goes along with winning the contest, we are focused on the real prize- beating the other Sleds to  the finish line.


-Matt out

25 29N

138 33W





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Nell said...

I'm picking Tuesday, 8:30am. Will the online winners get a shot bottle of rum?